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Mini Hotel Elevator Size

Mini hotels also need to have elevators installed. What type of elevator should be installed? What is the size of the lift pit?

In recent years, the number of domestic and international stays has grown rapidly. This promotes the strong development of hotel and restaurant systems. Especially mini hotel. In 2019, a series of mini hotel projects are invested and built.

An important and indispensable element in the design of a mini hotel is the elevator system. Elevator design in the hotel is essential to serve the travel between floors easily and more quickly. At the same time the elevator also contributes to create accents for the interior of the hotel.

The characteristic of mini hotel is small scale. Therefore, when installing, consider installing a suitable sized elevator. Typically, the type of elevator used is the small elevator type. The reason is because this type of elevator saves the construction area of ​​the elevator pit, saving electricity.

These concepts need to know about the mini hotel elevator

Cabin: Elevator cabins to accommodate people or goods.
Load: The maximum allowable lift weight of the lift measured in kilograms.
Capacity: The maximum number of people allowed to transport on an elevator, the capacity depends on the floor area of ​​the cabin.

  • Well shaft: The space limited by the surrounding walls, the bottom of the pit and the ceiling of the well; A ladder well is a space for movement of ladders such as cabin, counterweight, cable, chain … to move in them.
  • Stop: The position to access the elevator cabin at each floor.
  • Pit well: The ladder well section below the lowest stop.
  • The top of lift well: The section of lift well above the highest stop.
  • Working speed: Design operating speed measured in m / p or m / s; Working speed above 2.5m / s is called high speed.
  • Repair speed: Slow speed, only used during inspection and repair.

Features of the elevator in a mini hotel

The number of customers is small. As a small hotel, small scale, the number of guests will not be as much as the big hotels. Guests choose mini-hotels with basic needs as places to sleep and stay. Therefore, the amount of goods and luggage carried is also at an average level. The load and the area of the small lift can be met.

Reasonable investment and installation cost. The size and load of elevators are moderate, so the installation cost is moderate, not too high.

What size elevator should a mini hotel use?

With many years of experience in the field of mini hotel design consultancy, MTE recognizes that there are 3 series of sized elevators suitable for mini hotels. The ladder load is chosen to install a lot of 250kg, 300kg and 350kg.

Dimensions of manholes and cabins

Elevator loading capacity 250kg:

+ Dimensions of manholes are: 1400mm x 1400mm

+ Cabin size: 1000mm x 900mm x 2300mm

300kg load ladder:

+ The size of the ladder pit is: 1500mm x 1400mm

+ Cabin size: 1100mm x 900mm x 2300mm

350kg payload lift:

+ Dimensions of manholes are: 1500mm x 1450mm

+ Cabin size: 1100mm x 1000mm x 2300mm

What is the size of the elevator in the mini hotel?
With mini hotel construction is limited in area

There are 2 methods to handle this case: 1 is the unit length of wells made ladders weighed hip device load; The other two are deep-owned pistons. So when installing the elevator we are balancing the cabin.


For hotels that are installed under high control mode

We are addressing this scenario by installing gearless ladders. This series of elevators is smooth for situations where the building is avoided to high heights.

The case of elevator installation is minimized while digging PIT negative holes

600 mm is the least elevator size toward the depth of the PIT pit. We should raise one step higher than the background if the refurbished context is the raft foundation can not dig deep.

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