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Elevator – Staircase: Old Things Now

I often think that the staircase brings emotions, and the elevator to enhance the dream wisdom. And emotions – intellect can never be compared …

Our generation is a strange generation – children who grew up in a period of subsidy and adulthood during the years of innovation, and are about to turn into an “old” class of people who are ignorant of modern life. Everyone’s life experiences ups and downs, so an elevator is enough to make us nostalgic. It is also funny to think.

Suddenly remembering the old days …

“Remember when the two children were
Counted steps up, stubborn swelling

Thirteen steps to the next year
Mom planned to pick you up and fix
For closer to the night shift I work
The sound of night clogs returning to the windows ”

There was a time when she was hanging around the apartment stairs with honeycomb sandals, playing the counting game without being bored, until now she ordered rice to run back to the house, but she was still panting on the tray. Once witnessed the corner of the stairs is the dating place for many young people …

Then the whole scene in the apartment, and the stairs are still present in the house. Stairs no longer have to share and no more leapfrog steps as before. The stairs at that time were the days of bringing the grandmother up and down the sticks, a familiar way to help the heavy wife when she was nine months and ten days pregnant when she was afraid of falling down. So, it is closely associated in the memory from childhood to adulthood. So nostalgic about the European stairs is also all, probably, of course, random of our class.

Thang máy - thang bộ: Chuyện xưa và nay
Familiar staircase images associated with childhood

But then everyone has to grow up, and everything has to grow up.

Although you want to nibble on beautiful memories, want to keep the corner of the small staircase when the life around you changes dramatically, but if you keep hanging around there – How can you “grow up” to also watching grown children?

Occasionally entering a modern apartment no longer see the old days of fun, leaving the stairs in a sad place, maybe there are just a few quiet smokers. Also feel sad and sad but then suddenly thought: if there is no elevator, then climb up a few dozen floors, apartments now do not have to go to the floor as before. Office workers increasingly see the benefits of an elevator when racing against time and time.
While the speed of development is so fast, the world is still reeling from the 4.0 revolution. intelligent world?

In the end, not only did the apartment change, even the house itself changed. Having conditions to build a new house also wants to install a hydraulic family lift. Remember the old grandmother up and down stairs so difficult to be low, easy to cold. Today it was heartwarming to see Mom easily going up and down the floors, then ten years after the pillow had sagged, her legs were tired just as she had to rely on the elevator.

Then, the children also married to the husband, a little bit more with the grandchildren carrying them. Sometimes I think that the house has an elevator that is much more comfortable: My house is more beautiful – more safe, up and down the ancestral smoke incense festival is no longer a torture.
The staircase is not the past but it is always there, continuing the things that are now the duty and full of memories of the emotional years. But instead of being alone like the old days, the older friend now has a friend-family hydraulic lift. Sometimes you keep strong and strong people, others strong and strong points together give your full support to the owner.
I walked into the elevator and thought about the stairs and smiled when I remembered the old days and was happy for the present.
Who wants to know but not strange, just change to “grow up” but not “grow up” and to progress without being behind./.

* Excerpt from the poem “Thirteen steps of stairs” – Vu Dinh Van

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