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10+ Most Popular Family Elevators today

Household elevators are like a very special means of transportation of humans in modern times. In addition to making the process of moving, moving indoors more convenient, the types of home elevators also adorn to create luxury and modernity for your home. But to know which home elevator is suitable for your home space, let’s see the article below.

1. Classification by origin

The types of home elevators have become popular and one of the criteria that customers are interested in when they learn about elevators is the origin.

Origin is the criteria for selecting the types of family elevators

1.1. Domestic elevator

At present, in Vietnam, there is no business, which produces and assembles elevators. But with the increasing demand for family elevators and the current development of science and technology, in the future Vietnam will be able to have its own domestic elevator brand.

1.2. Elevator home venture

JV lifts are elevator lines with separate components. This type of elevator is made up of foreign imported components and a part will be manufactured, processed and assembled in the country such as cabin, floor door, cabin door … These products serve the purpose of moving conveniently in the house at a low cost. But the sophistication and quality assurance in each product is still limited.

1.3. Household elevator imported CBU

                                      CBU imported elevators meet standards of quality, aesthetics and sophistication

imported elevators are products from famous brands in the world, are manufactured on closed lines, meeting the world’s high standards with aesthetics and high sophistication. Bring absolute peace of mind for customers in terms of design and product quality.

2. Classification by technology

In order to divide the lift according to technical technology, there are currently the following types:

2.1. Hydraulic technology

Hydraulic technology helps the elevator operate smoothly, without making noise

The types of family elevators operated by hydraulic piston system have the following advantages and disadvantages:


Flexible design suitable for the space of the house
There is no need to dig deep into the foundation of the house: The location of the elevator departure can be from any position in your house (2nd floor, balcony ..). Depth of pit usually from 10-15 cm
Works quite smoothly, the noise level is not large
Safety features are quite high: hydraulic elevator is equipped with intelligent microprocessor, quickly solve the problem when the elevator has a problem.


High cost, expensive maintenance and maintenance.
Hydraulic elevators move quite slowly, only equivalent to taking the stairs.
In some cases, it is possible to leak oil causing odors, thus affecting the health of users. Moreover, the oil if leaking to the ground at the foot of the elevator will pollute the groundwater source, adversely affecting the environment.
Deep pits must be dug, the higher the number of elevators the bigger the pits.
Hydraulic technology elevators also have a major drawback is the need for an independent engine room, so the space saving is not really optimal.
2.2. Pulley technology

                                                                         Lifts using pulley technology are cheap

Household elevators use pulley technology that operates on the principle of a cable load wrapped around the pulley connected to an electric motor. These pulleys have a counterweight to balance the cabin. From there, making the elevator cabin lift up and down according to the needs of the user.


Cheaper price, suitable for many households

Unlimited number of floors, fast speed

Maintenance, repair, replacement simple and cost savings


The biggest downside is having to build a machine room above the roof.

2.3. Technology winch wrap

An elevator that uses a type of drum motor, the lift cable is wrapped around an axis.


Relatively easy to use

Reasonable price


Due to its simple design, the aesthetics are not high

2.4. Vacuum technology

The elevator moves due to the pressure difference between the lower and the upper cabin

Household elevators use vacuum technology to move due to the difference in pressure on the lower and upper parts of the cabin.


No need for space for pistons and lift wells or engine room
No energy consumption, environmentally friendly


High cost of installation, repair and replacement
The load of vacuum technology elevators is usually very low, only from 110 – 240 kg, accommodating only 2-3 people and low speed equivalent stairs.

3.  Phân loại theo cấu tạo phòng máy

3.1. Home-type elevator with engine room

An elevator with a machine room on the top used to place electrical cabinets and tractors.


Easy rescue when power failure
Cost savings, maintenance and maintenance


Disadvantage when the whole building is restricted height (usually the engine room height is 2200mm)
Quiet operation by elevator without machine room
May cause environmental pollution due to periodic replacement gear oils.
3.2. Home elevators have no machine room

                          Household elevators with compact engineering box design save maximum space

Is the elevator that the tractor is located in the well and the electrical cabinet is arranged in front of the top floor door.


Using motor without gearbox, compact size, saving construction area.
Suitable when the height of the building is limited, no cost to build the engine room.
Smooth operation
Do not pollute the environment


The cost of maintenance and maintenance is higher than the type of elevator with the engine room, but the benefits that the elevator has no computer room are much more superior.
4. Prices of elevator types

Currently, in Vietnam market, there are enough units supplying these types of elevators, of which imported non-engine room elevators are considered as the most advanced products. Therefore, the price of these products is also the most expensive.

With a very special customer group, with a high income, the demand for high-class family elevators is also increasing.

Currently, the prices of joint-venture products, or those with engine rooms, using pulley technology … are only a few hundred million. With high-end products, the price is usually not fixed. Often homeowners will have specific design requirements to harmonize the building architecture, to satisfy personal preferences, in addition to the additional options that also make elevator prices change.

Therefore, the price of high-class, imported elevators using the most advanced technology will depend on the actual construction and the wishes of the homeowner.

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